Living Flame is pleased to announce that we are actively engaged in global missionary projects. There are two primary groups conducting missions work in association with Living Flame. First is the Majestic 4 Missions team under the direction of Lissa Zapardino-Johnson, Laura Jordan, Blanche Mueller-Potter, and Eva Mendoza. Second, Living Flame is seeking to expand its work in Kenya in partnership with the Living Flame Organization in Kenya. The team traveling to Kenya will be led by Dr. Christi Butler and Evangelist Lucy Mina.

Majestic 4 Missions

Majestic 4 Missions began with a team of four women who were moved by the Spirit of God to answer the Great Commission and “Go into all the world preaching the gospel to every creature” (Mark 16:15). They continue to partner with churches in various regions of the world and lead missions teams who are actively engaged in preaching, discipleship, building local communities, training leaders, empowering the saints, and breaking spiritual strongholds over regions. Current missions trips and projects are being planned for outreach to (1) Chiapas, Mexico, (2) Tecuala, Mexico, and (3) Kenya. For more information feel free to contact Majestic 4 Missions Director, Blanche Muller-Potter at: Majestic4Missions@gmail.com

If you are interested in donating to Majestic 4 Missions. Go to the Giving Tab, hit the donate button, and make a comment that your donation is specifically for Majestic 4 Missions. Thank you — https://livingflamecm.com/giving-2/

Kenya Missions Outreach with Dr. Christi

Dr. Christi Butler has been working in partnership with Evangelist Sammy Mwaniki of Kenya to support the establishment of an NGO corporation in Molo- Nakuru, Kenya that will serve the needs of youth within that region. The vision for this outreach project is large and includes ministry outreaches, educational development, job training, counseling services, sports activities, and more. Dr. Christi is raising funds to travel to Kenya on an annual basis to evangelize, teach, and bring impartation to the people of that nation. She has also been given open invitations to work with a ministry called “Innovators,” who conducts evangelistic meetings throughout Kenya. She will be accompanied by Evangelist Lucy Mina and others. If you are interested in sowing financially into this project, go to the giving tab, click on donate, and make a note that your donation is for Dr. Christi’s Kenya Missions Trip. Thank you — https://livingflamecm.com/giving-2/